Spin PR is led by Dave Evans, an award winning ideas dynamo.  Unlike every other PR agency, Spin does not prefer retained clients.  Retainers make agencies lazy and clients frustrated.  Projects keep everyone on their toes.  From product launches to press trips to features and press office work it’s the creative buzz that keeps us moving forward and why we all got into this is the first place…


Spin has worked with some of the world’s most dynamic and exciting brands. From a climber racing a car for Top Gear to TV presenters competing in tough ‘hell-runner’ races, Spin has secured positive coverage from the most innovative ideas.

Thanks to Dave’s extensive experience, Spin specialises in extreme and lifestyle sports, helping brands associate with these immensely popular and visually impressive sports. With extensive contacts from biking through to surfing, Spin has a direct line to the world’s finest athletes, photographers, videographers and guides.

Dave Evans