Trail building in its rawest form is a beautiful thing, just you and a shovel working with what nature has provided. You can craft and sculpt the land into a trail that you will learn to love through the hours of sweat, graft and riding time you put into it. Yes, there’s a certain romance that surrounds the job of trail building, it’s easy to peer into the world through those rose tinted glasses and dream about the days playing in the sunshine crafting trails.

Those days do happen, but they are precious and too rare.  There are plenty of ups and downs with this job, just like any other.  There is a reason for everything, like railing the perfect berm, you have to balance the highs and lows.  Nothing beats looking at a blank canvass and letting your imagination run wild as you plan the trail, but delivering that same trail; fighting bureaucracy, the weather and other’s apathy will often take you to the brink of despair.

Trail building is a hobby for some, a job for others but a necessity for all riders.  Grab a shovel and lend a hand whenever you can!


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