We are all time travelers.  Unfortunately we all move at the same speed and in the same direction.  Forwards.  The chance to go back and recapture lost loves and past conquests will never be possible for any of us, or will it…

First loves are earth-shattering, heart stopping moments.  Sadly, that first love feeling soon slips from our grasp and time ultimately dulls the senses.


I’m not ashamed to admit my first love was second hand.  A bright red bike that not only put me on two wheels without stabilisers, but gave me the speed to beat other kids in the laps around our village hall, crit racing for toddlers. That red bike is long gone but not so the feelings I had for it.  No matter how much Carbon and Titanium hangs from my garage, it is a 16” wheeled red steel bike with white tyres that I rode in 1976 that will always be listed as my favourite bike.

So when Olly (a friend who I practically owe my life to for protecting me on the rugby field) came knocking with his close-to-death childhood sweetheart – a Haro BMX – and a sad look on his face, I had no choice but to help him revive his first love.

Now I’m no spanner-expert (give me a set of mole grips and a lump hammer and I’ll prove it) but I know a man that can.  With the help of close old friend and BMX genius Matt Sully (Bike Doctor extrordinaire) we managed to replace, polish and buff back to life Olly’s old Haro.

Handing it back to him recently I’m sure I caught a glint in his eye as an old flame re-ignited.  So, kids in the skate parks of Wiltshire, pay respect and watch out for someone who has discovered the best way to time-travel and recapture youth is by bike.

…and finally, your first love bike is unlikely to have put on four stone, be divorced several times and spotted in Iceland with a gaggle of feral kids.  Just another example of where bikes can be a far safer bet than women!