Spin has been running for four years now.  I count myself lucky that the downs are, broadly speaking, in line with the ups.  Working at 2am on some copy is measured by being present when my two-and-a-half year old swam her first few strokes.

Therefore, it is perhaps fitting that I learnt that I had been short-listed for a PRCA award whilst killing an hour or two in softplay with Alex.  On this momentous day, two of the Evans household got certificates.  One, for being a finalist as the PRCA’s Freelancer of the Year award, the other for swimming a width.  Both will soon have pride of place in our downstairs loo.

Thank you to the clients, press, photographers, athletes and anyone else who has been involved in Spin/BST during these exciting times.  But thanks most of all to Ann and Alex who keep me smiling…