Product Launch

Client: Boardman Bikes / HalfordsHalfords_lgog

Project name: 2016 Range launch

Objective: Range launch to specialist press

Detail / Execution:  Halfords has used Spin to launch every enthusiast bike range for the past five years.  Spin’s success is based on unrivalled press contacts, a deep understanding of what the media needs and the ability to package information to maximise coverage.  Boardman’s 2016 launch was no different, with Spin looking after the launch from end-to-end.  Sourcing an accessible but interesting venue, developing rides for road and mtb and drafting all collateral, the event was a resounding success.  The KPIs set for the first year have been hit in the first three months.

Evaluation: With every major publishing house represented, all key review editors and a number of bloggers the event was a success.  Positive coverage began to appear on the web less than two hours after the event, we hadn’t even finished packing the bikes away!

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