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Client: Garmin (UK)garmin_logo

Objective: To create a campaign to encourage more women to start running and highlight the new women’s specific Forerunner 10

Detail / Execution:  Garmin was looking for a launch platform for its lightweight stylish running watch developed specifically for women, the Forerunner 10. It came to Spin.

Teaming up with TV personality and Countryfile presenter, Ellie Harrison, Spin devised a social media campaign centred around Ellie’s challenge to get fit.  A number of key stage events have been planned culminating in a final show down where Ellie will run a half marathon.

Spin also recruited a number of media partners so that readers could get involved and train with Ellie.   Receiving the same expert advice and hardware as Ellie, the readers provide an additional ‘real-people’ take on the challenge and also help to engage with more women.


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